Version Notes
1.2.0 New DSL syntax
  AutoMan now has a simplified syntax that does away with some Scala idiosyncrasies and simplifies imports.
1.1.7 Point release.
  Fix a bug in the qualification cleanup routine. See issue #28.
1.1.6 Major release.
  Now includes support for quality-controlled estimation queries!
  Preliminary estimation composition support.
  Exponential backoff to mitigate MTurk rate-limiting.
  Numerous bigfixes and performance improvements.
1.0.1 Maintenance release.
  Bugfix for timeout policy calculation.
  Renamed misleading distribution answer type name.
1.0.0 Major release.
  Syntax changes.
  New question types.
  Per-question budgets.
  Bias due to multiple comparisons eliminated with Bonferroni correction.
  New memo engine that allows MTurk computation to be resumed without additional cost (timeouts notwithstanding).
  Support for mocks.
  Plugin architecture.
  Numerous other changes for better reliability.
0.4.0 Maintenance release.
  Switch to SBT build system. Updates for Scala 2.10.
0.3.0 Maintenance release
  Buildr Buildfile, including reorganization of project directory.
0.2.1 Maintenance release
  Update to work with latest MTurk API (1.6.0).
  Better log output, including scheduler object logging.
  New Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) app.
0.2.0 Major rewrite to simplify syntax.
0.1.0 First release.